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CD Business Card & CD/DVD-Rom

Title: Welcome to Cd Digital Card


is a full-service CD, DVD and Shaped digital disc manufacturer. We design, engineer, and manufacture superior quality CD's and DVD's for a diverse customer base.

CD Digital Card is a one-stop manufacturing solution providing services to Corporate Clients, Multimedia Companies, Advertising Agencies, Marketing Companies, Optical Disc Replicators/Duplicators, and Fulfillment Companies. CD Digital Card utilizes state of the art CNC-controlled equipment to produce the highest quality shaped CD, DVD, and CDR products available.

Our experienced staff, superior quality control, and aggressive pricing combine to offer unprecedented support services that enable Cd Digital Card to meet customer requirements for on-time, high quality products.
CD Digital Card is your full-service manufacturing partner. Flexible quality driven and competitively priced: Join Us! Together we will excel!
CD Digital Card is Committed to Quality, Excellence, and above all, 100% Customer Satisfaction.


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