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Is chpp still active?

Currently, I use m4 for some work but, since it can get a bit opaque, I 
am thinking of changing to chpp. I have chpp-0.3.4 on a CD from which my 
system was built but the predominant date on files is Dec 1988 which is a 
while back. Thinking it may have been a student project which stalled, I 
decided to contact the authors using an email in the README that came 
with 0.3.4, chpp@unix.cslab.tuwien.ac.at.

Unfortunately, I get a delivery notification error when I try to contact 
the place. I picked up the current Debian version, chpp-0.3.5, but the 
latest date on that was Feb 1999 which is not much younger that 0.3.4.

Can you enlighten me on the state of chpp? Or point me in the direction 
of someone who might? I'd be very grateful.


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