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mathematical game 2013-2014

Dear Colleagues,

The Mathematical Competitive Game 2013-2014,
organized jointly by the French Federation of Mathematical Games and Societe de Calcul Mathematique SA,
is now open.

It is endowed with 2,000 Euros of prizes.

The topic for this year is: Checking an  Industrial Process.

Please see:
for a complete description of the game.

Answers should be sent no later than April 30th, 2014.

Please inform your students and colleagues.

Thank you for your interest

Prof. Bernard Beauzamy
Chairman and CEO,
Societe de Calcul Mathematique SA
111 Faubourg St Honoré
75008 Paris - France


If you do not wish to be kept informed about our activities,
please  send an email to assistante@scmsa.eu
subject: remove

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