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INTEWA in South Africa

Title: INTEWA in South Africa - INTEWA in South Africa-INTEWA in South Africa
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INTEWA Newsletter
Now available in South Africa
INTEWA Water Treatment  
Rainwater Harvesting
    Sub-Surface Infiltration Products

Dear interested water-saving customers,

today, the sensible handling and saving of water is an important priority for building owners, architects, building contractors, installers and industry wholesalers!

As a leading German producer of innovative water saving equipment, with over 20 years of experience and countless references, we take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

INTEWA South Africa

INTEWA products are now available in South Africa. Here you will find a large amount of information relating to the water-saving industry, which may be of interest to you, as well as the following free and valuable tools:

Click to visit INTEWA South Africa

INTEWA South Africa
INTEWA Wiki knowledge platform

We have created a new knowledge portal called INTEWA Wiki where we present our findings and knowledge gained from 20 years experience related to the water saving industry.

See for yourself

RAINMASTER Rainwater harvesting unit

The RAINMASTER Series, ready to connect water units, with built-in pump, controller and potable water top up – quiet, efficient, economical.

Click for more information about the RM-series

PURAIN Rainwater filter

The INTEWA PURAIN rainwater filter range, featuring a unique degree of efficiency - self-cleaning design, patented technology.

More information about the PURAIN click here.

DRAINMAX infiltration trench

The INTEWA DRAINMAX tunnel trench for rainwater infiltration and retention with DIBt® approval - Capable of bearing the weight of trucks, flushable and highly efficient.

Click to get more DRAINMAX information

AQUALOOP kit for water reuse

The INTEWA AQUALOOP installation kit for water treatment and greywater recycling produces bacteria-and virus free water - for residential and commercial application.

Here you get more AQUALOOP information


If you have questions or wish to learn more about INTEWA products INTEWA South Africa welcomes your response.
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Kind regards

Rainer Keutmann

Steve Parker
INTEWA South Africa

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