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SEAnews : Greetings

Title: Misc vol.120330e
SEAnews SEA Research, BLK 758 Yishun Street 72 #09-444 Singapore 760758
India Front Line Report
ダイジェスト 業種別記事 雑 感 ご案内 Ad Web 読者の声

SEAnews, which has just transformed from a subscriber based paper to a free paper, will be resumed its delivery in trial base combining the campaign to acquire 100,000 new mail readers. However, it may take some time to achieve a stable and scheduled delivery. We appreciate your understanding.
Its "India Front Line Report" will report economic, social and political trends in India, which is squarely confronting this tumultuous era at a time when the western countries' financial crisis overshadows emerging economies.
We will soon recruit advertisers for
①"WEB Picture Banner Ad: 1,320 units"
②"Mail Picture Banner Ad: 30 units"
③"WEB Text Banner Ad: 44 units"
④"Mail Text Banner Ad: Only 1 unit"
You can put your picture banner and text banner on our web pages and mails respectively. There are 44,524 pages on our websites. As for the mail, there are ten thousand readers up till now for the India Front Line Report. People who visit these pages or read these mails can click on the ads and see your company's products, services and other details on your websites.
Now we send to you the latest article "Jesus' plan to be crucified (Part 6)" in our MISC (Miscellaneous Thoughts) Column as part of the above plan.
We want this article not only to encourage the followers of Judaism and Christianity to be interested in Buddhism and the believers in Buddhism to be interested in Judaism and Christianity, and the mutual exchanges among them but also to encourage the reconciliation among the followers of Islam and other religions as well as atheists, so that all of us may be one and the world may be brought to complete unity.

Atsushi Murakami
SEAnews Publisher and Editor
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