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The Department of public works South Africa

            The Department of public works South Africa


_expression_ OF INTEREST

Attn: The President/CEO

Notice Inviting Tender

The Department of public works in conjunction with the Southern African Development Community (SADC) is embarking on a multi-million rand project for the development of south African sub communities

The project is in line with the Department of public works mandate of pioneering development in all sub communities of South Africa

We require the following:  

 Tenders are invited from bonafied experienced international contractors of sound financial standing and reputation and fulfilling the pre-qualification requirements for the following:

I: Supply of dredgers

II: Supply of hospital equipments

III: Construction of 950 hundred units of houses in Extension 9, 10 and 11 South Gauteng Province.

IV: Technical Knowhow:  Tenderers or consortia that have at least minimum of
four years experience in biofuel and biodiesel production, ability to use co-generation facilities to provide electricity to the National Grid.

Interested companies or contractors should consider the following:

Ability for company executives to travel at short notice to South Africa for briefings and consultation should need arise.

EOI duration is a period of two weeks from receipt of this notice.

Tenderers or consortia that have the capacity for this kind of project should kindly respond immediately, after which further relevant Documents will be dispatched for filling and submission by tenderer. 
A compulsory briefing will be held in South Africa between the Executives of Department of public works South Africa and Executives of the finally short listed company NB:PLEASE REPLY THROUGH THIS EMAIL ADDRESS kenjs@bk.ru

Thank you,

 Kennedy Gumbi

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