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Get YOUR Site to the Top of the Search Engines!

Title: Get your web site to the Top Of


Get YOUR website to the Top of the Search Engines!

YOU can optimize your web site automatically like a Top SEO expert!

You do NOT need any technical knowledge or ability to get a top page result!

This software has been designed by Top SEO Experts to do automatically what they have been doing manually for years.

This is no Gimmick and is the results of years of experience placing web sites onto the top pages of the search engines!

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It allows you to automatically do what experienced search engine optimization specialists do manually but at a fraction of the cost!

This is how the Top Page Guru automatically optimizes your site to get you a guaranteed top page ranking!

It does everything needed to get your site onto the top pages of the search engines.

* It automatically optimises the HTML header of your site getting your keywords and meta tags written in the right order and density.

* It generates and installs a proper XML site map to get all of your pages listed on the search engines.

* It purges your site of any coding errors that may prevent it from getting a top page position.

* It creates reciprocal links and inbound links to raise the profile of your site with the search engines

* It intuitively uploads the optimized page into the right folder on your server

* It submits your site every month to the search engines so that once it has got your site onto the top pages you will stay there.

* What is more: Once your site has got a top page position it sends an email to you so that you can see your site on the top page yourself.

It does all of this at the touch of a button!

So you can do everything a Top Search engine expert does manually

 at a fraction of the cost!

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You will be amazed!
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