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T the old Grizzly might be about. So Wahb was driven away down the creek fr

Ad feeling. She was so big and fierce that she could bully all the other Blackbears,
but when she tried to drive off old Wahb she received

a pat from his paw that sent her tumbling like a football. He followed her up, and would have killed her, for she had broken the peace of the Park, but she escaped by climbing a tree, from the top of which her miserable little cub was apprehensively squealing
at the pitch of his voice. So the affair was ended; in future the Blackbear kept out of Wahb's way, and he
won the reputation of being a peaceable, well-behaved Bear.
Most persons believed that he came from some remote mountains where were neither guns nor traps to make him sullen and revengeful. [Illustration] III Every one knows that a Bitter-root Grizzly is a bad Bear. The Bitter-root Range is the roughest part of the mountains.
The ground is everywhere cut up

with deep ravines and overgrown with dense and tangled underbrush.
It is an impossible country for horses, and difficult for gunners, and

there is any amount of good Bear-pasture. So there are plenty of Bears and plenty of trappers. [Illustration] The Roachbacks,

as the Bitter-root Grizzlies are

called, are a cunning and desperate race. An old Roachback knows more about traps than half a dozen ordinary trappers; he knows more about plants and roots than a whole college of botanists. He can tell to a certainty just when and where to find each
kind of grub and worm, and he knows by a whiff whether the hunter on his trail a mile away is working with guns, poison, dogs, traps, or all of them
together. And he has one

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