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Hich was open, cheerful, and fearless. He said briefly that the descent appeared to him unsafe,
and leading to no result; and, suspending further operations in the shaft, we returned to the more familiar parts of the mine. All the rest of that day the engineer seemed preoccupied by some absorbing
thought. He was unusually taciturn, and there was a scared, bewildered look in his eyes, as that
of a man who has seen a ghost. At night, as we
two were sitting alone in the lodging we shared together
near the mouth of the mine, I said to my friend,-- "Tell me frankly

what you saw in that chasm: I am sure it was something strange and terrible. Whatever it be,
it has left your mind in a state of doubt. In such a case two heads are better than one. Confide in me." The
engineer long endeavoured to evade my inquiries; but as, while he spoke, he helped himself unconsciously out of the brandy-flask to a degree to which he was wholly unaccustomed, for he was a very temperate man, his reserve gradually melted away. He who would keep
himself to himself
should imitate the dumb animals, and drink water. At last he said, "I will tell you all. When the cage stopped, I found myself on a ridge of rock; and below me, the chasm, taking a slanting direction, shot down

to a considerable depth, the darkness of which my

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