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Large, and mine. And--choicest gift o

Me such "general understanding" as the reports speak of in legislation daily, every
member of Congress might leave a double to sit through those deadly sessions and answer to roll-calls and do the legitimate party-voting, which appears stereotyped in the regular list of Ashe, Bocock, Black, etc., we should gain decidedly in working-power. As things stand, the saddest State prison I ever visit is that Representatives' Chamber in Washington. If a man leaves
for an hour, twenty "correspondents" may be howling, "Where
was Mr. Pendergrast when the Oregon bill passed?" And if poor Pendergrast stays there! Certainly,
the worst use you can
make of a man is to put him in prison! I know, indeed, that public men of the highest rank have resorted
to this expedient
long ago. Dumas's novel of the "Iron Mask" turns on the brutal imprisonment

of Louis the Fourteenth's double. There seems little doubt, in our

own history, that it was the real General Pierce who shed tears when the delegate from Lawrence

explained to him the sufferings of the people there,--and only General Pierce's double who had given the orders for
the assault on that
town, which was invaded the next day. My charming friend, George Withers, has, I am almost sure, a double, who
preaches his afternoon
sermons for him. This is the reason that the theology often varies so from that of the forenoon. But that double

is almost as charming as the original. Some of the most well-defined men, who stand out
most prominently
on the background of history, are in this way stereoscopic men, who owe their distinct relief to the slight differences between
the doubles. All this I know. My present suggestion is simply the great extension of the system, so
that all public machine-work may be done by it. But I see I loiter on my story, which is rushing to the plunge. Let me stop an instant more, however, to recall,
were it

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