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Bug#555325: gq: version 1.3.4 completely unusable

clone 555325 -1
severity -1 normal
reassign -1 release.debian.org
retitle RM: gq/testing; orphaned, broken upstream release
user release.debian.org@packages.debian.org
usertag -1 + rm

> After a few crashes the first minutes I threw away all ~/.gq* files and
> directories. I tried to add a new server. Impossible to enter the bind
> dn. It simply forgets it. On the first search it crashes. I have seen
> about 10 crashes in the very few first 10 minutes. This is completely
> unusable. This version should never have been transferred to testing
> IMHO. In this state it is better to remove gq completely.

Agreed. This package is in quite a bad shape, mostly because latest
upstream release (albeit recent) is fubar. The last package maintainer
gave up for this reason, and because he was not willing to fix all
outstanding issues on the Debian side. As long as either a maintainer
step in (which is willing to do that) or upstream releases a decent
version, the package is quite useless.

The most reasonable course of action from the Debian POV is to remove
the package from testing.

Can you please do so?

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