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Dearly beloved

I have a new email address!
You can now email me at: fpromise03@yahoo.ca

- Dearly beloved.i'm mrs franklyn promise Please i'm writing to seek your help for a group of discarded poor children with a whole heart,dearly beloved this children were victims of poverty,illness,forced labour,begging etc.Now they are living with heavenly happiness under the roof of mrs franklyn promise due to the mercy and kind-hearted.But now we are struggling for one time meal, place of a better treatment and Education ever since i become a widow.please it has not been easy for me and this children,i need the support and co-operation of the kind-hearted people like you.God has given us two hands one to raise up to Him in prayer and praise,the other to reach out to our fellow men in Love and Compassion.There is no greater Joy than the joy of giving.Fill yourself with joy.Contribute generously to this children,so that it can continue to shine as a beacon of hope to the bereft and you can draw comfort from the knowledge that you have contributed your mite to the well-being of the needy orphaned children.i plea for you to put smile on the faces of this children,wish and give them some happy moments.In our country Burkina faso we have no well or tank for drinking water and no work for a healthy living. If we get cows,wells etc, it can lead to a peace full life.Dearly beloved i plea for good people of all kind in coming forward to help me for the upliftment of this discarded poor children.i beg the whole-hearted co-operation and financial help either in the form of finance,clothe,medicines or anything.Jesus Christ has said, the children who come to me must not be prevented? God will hear the prayers of this children as they pray for you always.we're praying for those who help us- kindness to give,charity to the needy, a Sympathising hand for the dying.We are ready (and entitled) to accept any of the above maintioned things.(i will also send to you the picture of this great children in respond to your wilingness mail to help us.Thanks and may the good lord continue to bless you and your entire family and also grant to you your heart desire in Jesus name.Amen(Lots of Love,Children)

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