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School Discount Available

Dear Students & Faculty, 

As you may know by now, our campus has been offered a special discount on custom fitted teeth whitening systems from a company run by one of our very own alumni.  Several campus representatives (like myself) will be around campus with flyers and more information on how you can take advantage of this 2 week long special to our school.  A whiter smile not only helps with first impressions, but has proven to be important for job interviews.  These teeth whitening systems are exactly the same as used by dentists across the country and are being offered to our school at a fraction of the cost.  If you have ever considered whiter teeth, we encourage you to visit their website and use your unique 25% discount code below to take advantage of this limited offer. 




Nicole Evans
1WeekWhitening.com Campus Representative

This email was sent as a special promotion reminder.  The discounts found on this site are available to students, faculty, family, and friends. Although the featured product changes each year, you have the option not to receive an email next year.  Use the following link to prevent future notices:  


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