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Urgent mail from Roland

Urge nt buy alert!! Urgent News alert!!! 
Stock Symbol ACEN
Price 0.65 
5 day tar get $3.00 

Investors, once again we bring you today?s big ideas for huge 
profits, BUY ACEN it's going to soar 500% or more from its current 
trading levels. ACEN is near an explosive breakout and we hear 
European and U.S. promotional exposure on ACEN is coming, ACEN?s 
revolutionary battery technology, never needs to 
be charged!! When Wall Street finds out about this undiscovered 
the price will soar!! CHeck ACEN news and grab some now.. 

ACEN is going to soar, and when it does were looking for 5x our 
money on this one. Buy ACEN now before it's to late...

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