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Bug#20977: My dearie...

Hi man, how are You?
Do You know that soon is Xmas?

Yeah right!

And we KNOW, that this thing will help you to be the BEST OF THE BEST this night.

Don't loose this chance and try it at www.gropingly.net


And see You later ;-)

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asked in  a whisper : ' May I sit down? ' Receiving an affirmative  reply he
settled in the armchair.
    'How did  you get in here? ' Ivan  whispered in obedience to a warning
finger. ' The grilles on the windows are locked, aren't they? '
    'The grilles are  locked,' agreed the visitor.  ' Praskovya Fyodorovna
is a dear  person but alas, terribly absent-minded.  A  month  ago I removed
this  bunch of keys from her, which has given me the freedom of the balcony.
It  stretches  along the  whole  floor, so that  I can call on my neighbours
whenever I feel like it.'
    'If you can get out on to the balcony you can run  away.  Or is it too

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