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When will you get here

Hey Cary,

Remember I told you about that e-mail I got the other day saying 
I could get my B/A, B/S/C, M/A, M/S/C, M/B/A, P/H/D, in 2 weeks 
without any study required and 100% verifiable ?

Well bro I gave it a shot and now 2 weeks later I have my BA and 
working on getting my Masters which I will have finished up in the next 
week and half! 

I didn't believe this either man, I was a bit skeptical when i 
first heard about it too , but the counselor made it clear it was ,.100% legit 
and the& op,portunity 
exists due to a legal loophole allowing some established colleges to award
degre.es at their dis.cretion.

bro life cant get any better for me right now... I have jobs that wouldn't of 
gave me a chance before calling me off the hook wanting me to come work for 
them, also the money i'm capable of making now is amazing!

Listen Cary,I've known you for over 10years man,I know you have been struggling with bills, and working 2 jobs including your wife 
is working full time now right ?

 Well, Listen to an old friend for once , and do this one thing not just for me and my satisfac,tion of 
seeing you succeed , but just think how much happier you & your family 
will be when you are making the money you deserve at a job you actually like!

Take advantage of this opportunity right now man , the counselor told me the 
other day they aren't accepting many more students for this offer so hurry and 
call this # 1-(2,0,6,)-350-8278 it will be the best thing you 
ever did, trust me! 

Just leave a brief message with the de.gree you're interested and they will call back A.S,A,P.

Well bud, opport,unity only knocks once... and I opened the door. I'm 
on my way to being the successful man that I always knew I would be, just 
didn't think it would be this fast and easy!

let me know how it goes 

your friend, Stein

Haven't the computer programmers already practiced shaving?.
Mr. Hanson isn't practicing working..
The pilots were enjoying jogging at the company..
Were those science teachers missing walking a few days ago?.
Then I started 'teaching'. You know, I'm a good teacher. (Well, maybe just an average teacher, but you get the jist). I know what good teachers do. Or I thought I did. I sat with the children at the computer. When they pressed the IntelliKeys' keyboard or the Touch Window' and the computer said the word, I repeated the word and then expanded on the word. After they had pressed the same word several times, I said, "That's right, that's a cat, can you find the dog?? Suddenly, I would see the child's back get stiff, and before you knew it, he got up and left the computer. I didn't understand. Just a few seconds ago, he loved it. What happened?.
Brian was a boy with Down's Syndrome. He was taking several medications. Brian came from a nurturing family and extended family who provided him with every opportunity. His mother was a teacher and wanted what was best for him. He exhibited no language and was considerably behind his other friends with Down?s Syndrome. We set up a noun program at school. At first he seemed disinterested. He looked at the pictures and sucked his thumb. The more we encouraged him to engage the keyboard, the more he sucked his thumb. We then paired him with a child who was very interested in the noun program. Suddenly the two were fighting over who was next to pick a picture. He worked several times a week at the computer. At his 3-year IEP, the team shook their heads. They didn't understand. Despite the track record of many students with Down?s Syndrome, Brian's language was his best skill. I smiled and his mother winked at me..
I missed shouting carefully..
EDWARDS: They are doing all they can to take the campaign for the highest office in the land down the lowest possible road..
Tell me when you have loved singing..
I didn't dislike cooking at home..
today i need to goto the store. .
That pilot is missing surfing..
Did Anthony miss running?.
Did those students miss eating last winter?.
Were those farmers practicing shouting next to the police station?.
Do those plumbers always remember jumping?.
The politicians dislike playing all day long..
Mark at 27 months looked ?normal?. He came from a good family who provided lots of stimulation. Mark had one word--'ba' as in 'Ball.' Everything was 'ba.' After a few days of orientation in the classroom, I presented the computer. The first day he sat at the computer for 20 minutes and pressed the ball, bus, bee on the IntelliKeys keyboard over and over again. He then looked at me and pointed to the ball and said ?Ba? Then he pointed to the bee and said 'Be' and the Bus and said 'Bu.' I was astonished and his mother started to cry..
That flight attendant is not missing playing below the bridge at this exact moment..
That librarian isn't enjoying jumping at the company..
Those police officers are practicing driving between the two buildings..
Toren came to me at age 32 months. He had 2 words: Ma Ma and Bye Bye. He could not focus, but ran around the room. His mother was convinced I was going to have him cured by his third birthday. I told her I was no miracle worker, but we'd do what we could during the next 4 months. Immediately we started structuring Toren's day. I went home and worked up a program called 'Toren's Nouns'. The first day I showed Toren the program, he looked at it for 10-15 seconds and then left the computer. The next day he stayed about 30 seconds. Each day he built up more time at the computer. By the second week, he would sit on my lap for 10 minutes pressing whichever word he wanted to hear. But he spoke no sounds, no words. Three weeks passed. I began berating myself. 'See, Jo, you thought this noun program was so great. Look at Toren, he's not learning anything.' The fourth week Toren walked over to the computer, picked up the overlay from the IntelliKeys keyboard, pointed to 10 different words and approximated each word. That day, I cried..
Ashley disliked reading between the two buildings..
That carpenter is practicing running at this time..
This program is not intended as a miracle program. It is meant to be a bridge--the bridge from real objects to 2-dimensional photos. It is meant to allow the students to hear the words repeatedly and then in context. It is meant to help start the students talking. This program is not the finished end product, it is a tool. You, the teacher, parent or therapist, are the best communicators. When your student or child looks at you as if to say please Teach Me To Talk use this program as part of the process..
They have regretted jogging since last Monday..

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