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Bug#121201: Guuaranntee Harder 0g0KM

Stay hard for 48hours straight! incrrease si.ize and staa_mina with one piilll!

En+terr here> http://K2D.120513.impactions.net/cs/?vsale

lik) highway t0 h)ll, full 0f ditklih)s. I was trying my b)st t0 driv) kliar)fully s0 that Mia d0)sn't g)t hurt, but it was all in vain. all th0s) bumps and jumps and Mia was in sh))r pain. I w0uld l00k at th) r0ad f0r 0n) m0m)nt and w0uld turn t0 Mia th) n)xt. I was kli0ntinu0usly kli0ns0ling h)r but I kn)w w0rds w0uld d0 n0 g00d. I n)v)r f)lt s0

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