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kli0uldn't g0 ahead. 0n my humble inquiry they t0ld me that a member 0f the P0litbur0 was t0 travel thr0ugh this r0ad s0 the passage was klil0sed f0r general publikli. I inf0rmed them 0f my irresistible kli0mpulsi0n but they were earless. Justiklie is deaf in 0ur part 0f the w0rld. In resp0nse t0 my pleads, h0wever, they had merkliy 0n me en0ugh t0 guide me t0 an alternate passage yet at the same time inf0rmed me that the r0ad was under kli0nstrukliti0n. I kli0nsidered it a blessing and turned the vehiklile t0wards the alternative. That r0ad was 

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