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Let's see the most cheeap prices on the net [Top-1500 Quality software]! authentic

>The Mills of God Grind Slowly, Yet They Grind Exceedingly Small

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>Do as I say, and not as I do
>Chaste makes waste.
>If the cap fits, wear it
>Little things please little minds
>Melt the icy fingers of fear with the sunshine of hope 
>The Devil rides upon a fiddlestick
>All are not cooks that walk with long knives
>People living in glass houses should not!.
>Murder will out
>Live and let live
>Chaste makes waste.
>Walls have ears 
>Beer before wine is fine Wine before beer makes you feel queer!
>Fish ah deh ah watah but nah ah dam tap.
>A fool and his money are soon parted.
>A miss is as good as a mile.
>It is foolish to deal with a fool
>Once bitten twice shy 
>He knows best what good is that has endured evil 

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