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WASHINGTON, D.C.- Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) today praised Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Tom Ridge for creating a task force that will examine the homeland security grant process to ensure that funds move more quickly to first responders. Portland, Maine Mayor Nathan Smith has been asked to serve on the Task Force.
?Maine will be represented on the Task Force by the mayor of its largest city, Portland,? Senator Collins continued. ?Portland, home to New England?s second largest seaport, an international jetport that annually processes 1.2 million passengers, and a turnpike utilized by 15,000-25,000 vehicles each day, understands the challenges of homeland security.?
The Partners in Business program at the Utah State University College of Business will present its 21st annual human resources seminar March 31-April 1 at the Ellen Eccles Conference Center.

Sexuality is easily the most discussed topic in the documentary. The film "Go Fish" featuring lesbian couples in everyday life complete with graphic sex scenes is juxtaposed with Gyllenhaal's performance as the submissive half of an S&M relationship in "Secretary."
"We have the European Union parliament which to me works well, but in Africa how do they fund it? That to me could be the challenge?" said one Western diplomat in the region. The AU, short of money, has asked its members to increase their contributions to fund its operations.
Last year, Senator Collins introduced the Homeland Security Grant Enhancement Act (S. 1245), which would authorize a program to provide billions of dollars in assistance to state and local governments and first responders. The bill would give first responders and local officials a greater voice in determining how federal homeland dollars will be spent.
The guidelines seek to ensure the Transportatio n Security Administration collects only personal information pertaining to aviation security, stores it securely and gets rid of it as soon as travel is completed. The airlines also said that passengers must be allowed to see their personal information and correct any errors.

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