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UK phone numbers connected FREE to numbers in New Zealand!

I found your email addesss on the web, and wondered whether you would like a UK phone and/ or
fax number connected directly to your phone and fax in New Zealand (or almost any other country
for that matter) TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE.
This will mean that business colleagues (or friends), can simply call a UK phone number and reach
you directly in New Zealand for the cost of a standard UK phone call.
We connect UK numbers to international destinations all over the world. We are currently looking
for companies and private users in New Zealand to use our service.
If you would like your own number(s), just reply to this email with the numbers you would like to
connect to in New Zealand and I will connect them for you, FREE!
Connection usually takes 24 hours and we will then either email, phone or text you with your
own UK number or numbers.
We also connect numbers to many other countries of the world - FREE!
Our numbers are charged in the UK at the national rate of 10p per minute at all times.
If you have any questions, please email me back - I will try and answer promptly. If you want to
talk to me, you can call me directly on 00 44 7030 400000.
Try us - if you don't like our FREE SERVICE simply stop using it!
Nick Mutton
0871 Global Direct

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