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a different workflow for DPN?

Hi all,

Currently we have a workflow that is a bit sub-optimal, some notes:

      * dpn/en/current/index.wml is marked as frozen instead of having
        been moved to dpn/en/2012/ and marked as sent
      * dpn/*/current/index.wml are for various issues of DPN, one of
        which goes back to 2010
      * myriad directories that are a bit maze-like
      * we do not need any of dpn/*/20*/* since they should be modified
        in the webwml (www.debian.org) repository if at all.

I proposed that we fix this by:

      * using a flat structure for the directory layout:
        dpn/template.en.wml dpn/current.en.wml
              * Maybe we want translations in subfolders or maybe
                current.foo.wml is fine?
      * removing all old DPN editions from SVN, moving any translations
        to webwml if useful/needed.
      * writing a script that does this:
              * Convert the current file to an email, prompt the person
                running it to do a review of the resulting text and load
                it into their MUA to send the mail.
              * Move all the current.*.wml files into the right place in
                webwml and commit them, prompting for a commit message
                in the usual way or even just giving a generic 'Release
                DPN edition #123' message
              * Copy template.en.wml to current.en.wml and set the
                status to open-for-edit
      * run the release script once per edition instead of doing the
        releases manually.
      * we could also just use the webwml repository for drafting



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