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Re: Version 1.0 of Debian Infographic


2012/4/22 Victor Nitu <victor@debian-linux.ro>:
> I am now translating the sheet into Romanian, anybody reading this
> list and feeling the same should contact me to split those strings :-)

\o/ !! Thanks, Victor!

> Claudio, I really appreciate your work done there, but I *must*
> correct some stuff:

Please, feel free to correct me in what you find. I am not a english
speaker and i have humble to accept all contribution.

I already received more some minor corrections and i will add your
comment. Thanks.

> As I am not a native English speaker, I strongly encourage you to pass
> this on to any English-speaking proofreader, but I am certain about
> the Brand/Blend issue.

In true, i did it into version 0.8. How i evolves it alone, i tried to
do it the best way possible.

> As mentioned before, I would also recommend to include the LibreOffice
> logo somewhere, but I am not sure if you must switch them or just add
> them both. This legal thing is somewhere over my head.

I really will not enter in this question, Victor, by a (bad) personal
experience, but only who passed by this scenario (and wasn't only i,
and wasn't only in Brazil, but developers and volunteers from many
parts of world), prefers don't discuss more this point.

And more some months, i believe that we will to correct this question
with Apache OpenOffice again inside of Debian, how was discussed in
openoffice@debian list.

> Thank you for your time,

And thank you for help me in promote Debian for all the World. :-D


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