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Possible bug when generating mail version [was: Re: Debian Project News - April 2nd, 2012]

Hi -publicity,

> Bits from Debian Med team
> -------------------------
> specialised packages with a high quality standard", as Andreas said in
> arelated blogpost [4]. The Debian Med project not only provides and

> Debian rules in a team with common interest", added Andreas in the mail.
> This idea was confirmed by the results of asurvey focused on why Debian

> Med team members became Debian Developers [5].
> Report from DSA Team sprint
> ---------------------------
> to support the whole set of architectures for which Debian is shipped. For more
> information on how to donate equipment to the Debian Project, please contact
> thehardware donations team [8].

As you can see, in the mail version there are three missing spaces in 
places where the wml version in svn has URLs. I suspect there is a bug 
in the script/utility used to generate the text version.

Kind regards,
P.S I have seen occurrences in the past but not for a while, maybe this 
information is useful...
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