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Note about Debian on Data

Hi Team,

There is worthy note about Debian in article: 2011: The Year of Linux
Disappointments [0]

Quote from [1]:

"Another largely unnoticed reinvention is the Debian distribution.
Long dethroned by its derivative Ubuntu in popularity, Debian spent
much of 2011 reinventing itself. In the past few twelve months, it has
-- among other things -- tried to encourage cooperation among its
derivatives, revamped its new member process, and experimented with
IRC training sessions.

In short, Debian spent the year adjusting at last to its current role
as an indirect influence rather than the major distribution. In the
process, it provides one of the few upbeat stories in the FOSS
community for 2011."

[0] http://www.datamation.com/open-source/2011-the-year-of-linux-disappointments-1.html
[1] http://www.datamation.com/open-source/2011-the-year-of-linux-disappointments-2.html
[2] Source: http://lwn.net/Articles/472135/

May be we can quote this to next DPN?

Kartik Mistry | IRC: kart_
{0x1f1f, kartikm}.wordpress.com

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