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Re: Call for Rebiews and translations: Announcement for new mirror in china

On Mi, 25 mai 11, 13:17:12, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> Well, there are a couple of reasons, why we usually just give you
> pointers to the svn repository.  One reason is, that it's a lot easier
> for us, if you just commit your changes.

Oh sure, /me likes direct commits :)
I just submitted a join request (amp-guest)

>                                          An other is, that you can
> always get the latest version of the document, instead of reviewing an
> by now outdated document (which seemed to have happened just here).

Not really, I beat Justin by a few hours ;) but his review... well, he 
did a real review + patch, I just pointed a few details here and there 

> So unless there's a very good reason or strong majority in favor of
> getting the documents attached, I would very much like to continue
> sending pointers instead of actual documents.

As a conclusion, if you don't mind I'll be committing directly (without 
patch to the list) small stuff, like typos and such, of which I'm 
reasonable sure, but will post comments + patch for things I'm unsure.

Is that ok for you?

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