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Review for Debian Women Training Sessions announce

Hi all,
the next week will start (finally!) a series of IRC Training Sessions
organized by the Debian Women project.
So, I've written a draft of an announcement (attached) to publish in the News section of the
website: I'd be glad if it could be reviewed and published.


Debian Women IRC Training Sessions

The Debian Women project is pleased to announce the forthcoming start of a 
series of training session which will be held on IRC by experienced community
members. The main goal of this initiative is to encourage more people, and
specifically women, to contribute to Debian while introducing them to
different aspects of the Debian Project. Topics will spawn over a wide range
of subjects related to daily Debian maintenance efforts as well as advanced tasks.
These sessions are organized by the Debian Women project on its IRC channel
(#debian-women on irc.debian.org) and are open to everybody, regardless of
gender or previous involvements in the community.

First session has been scheduled for Thursday, 18th November at 20:00 UTC. 
Lars Wirzenius, a long-standing Debian Developer, will give an introductory
lesson titled <q>Introduction to Debian Packaging</q>.

Next sessions will be held on a regular basis, and will cover other interesting
topics such as collaborative maintenance with git, Python modules and
applications packaging, and many more.
Please visit the official <a 
href="http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen/TrainingSessions";>wiki page</a> regularly
to check the up-to-date agenda and follow <a 
href="http://identi.ca/group/debianwomen";>our group</a> on identi.ca.
You may also refer to the wiki to suggest new topics or sign up yourself as a 
trainer: we are always looking for more people to share knowledge and complete 
the schedule, don't be shy!

<h2>About Debian Women</h2>

The <a href="http://women.debian.org";>Debian Women</a> project was founded in
May 2004 to balance and diversify the Debian Project by actively engaging with
interested women and encouraging them to become more involved in Debian.

<h2> Contact Information</h2> 
For further information, you can send a mail to debian-women@lists.debian.org 

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