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Free ads for SPI-supported projects (was: Re: Google AdSense for Debian)

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> Google has a Grants program in which they give some free advertising
> to some projects: http://www.google.com/grants/details.html
> This might be something for Debian to pursue.

I proposed to do that via SPI (Debian doesn't exist as a non-profit 
organisation on its own) so that supported projects could benefit from the 
grant (if it was approved), Debian included.

I was asked to bring this up on the SPI general mailing list, but due to 
time restrictions I wasn't able to.

On my original proposal I offered my time and help either to be the 
representative or help whoever was appointed as such, but as it is obvious 
this is no longer the case.

So here I am, sending a copy to the SPI general mailing list so that others 
can comment on whether they think their projects would be interested in 
having such a grant via SPI.

Whoever is appointed as representative needs to be familiar with the Adwords 
system and be able to get statistics from the advertised projects' websites, 
to properly monitor the results of the ads (especially for the report that 
needs to be sent back to Google).

Any project wishing to benefit from it would need to be very cooperative in 
multiple ways with the representative too.

P.S. please don't send me a copy of your messages. I read the three CC'ed 
lists. And sorry for the cross-post.

Raphael Geissert - Debian Developer
www.debian.org - get.debian.net

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