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Re: DPN workflow

Thanks for the suggestions.
The entry barrier for collaboration should be kept low, for non
technical people.
The wiki is enough for them.
The ikiwiki feature of *also* using a VCS is nice, but implies that
someone should maintain the new server up and running, upgrades, new
features, etc.
The wiki.debian.org is nice (not perfect, but enough) and being VERY
actively maitained and we should call more people to navigate among its
10k+ pages and focus at our task of publishing. We have a lack of
The reliability problems of times.d.n should be taken into account at
the analysis.
They need manpower for solving.
Andre Felipe

> Wouldn't it make sense to develop these things in a VCS, one story
> per file? We could then use tags for the workflow. I'd be happy to
> set up an ikiwiki instance for this so that people can *also* use
> the web.

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