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Re: Debian PR disaster....

Debian Project is open. It is not a "secret". This does not mean that
inner problems should be "loudly announced" and discussed in the press
instead of our public access mailing lists.
Our mailing lists are read by those who care.
Announcements are read by "outsiders" and "newcomers" and may be the
first contact with Debian Project.
It is known that "one bad news" is offset by "12 good news" or so.
It gives a measure about our problem....
And the exaggeration was a hard eye poping crash.
In few days we will have http://fisl.softwarelivre.org and no doubt this
subject will be spanked in "Ubuntu cool X Debian old" debates, besides
new press repercussions.

Meanwhile, we need a DPL fresh words to announce.

Andre Felipe

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