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Re: Stop discussing, Start working :-)

At 16:01 +0200 5/26/02, David N. Welton wrote:
>Jens Schmalzing <jens.schmalzing@physik.uni-muenchen.de> writes:
>Debian is comprised entirely of Free Software.  By Free Software, we
>don't mean zero cost, but also the Freedom to use it how and where you
-don't mean zero cost, but also the Freedom to use it how and where you
+don't mean zero cost, but  the Freedom to use it how and where you

>want, share it with your friends, read and modify the source code, and
>distribute those changes to other people.  This means Debian can be

read the source code, modify the program if desired
( split read and modify )

>used with no limitations - even in commercial environments!  Debian is
>the largest collection of read-to-install Free Software on the internet.
>How does that sound?
>Another little change:
>The Debian project is a 100\% volunteer effort committed to producing
>a world class Open Source operating system. There are currently around
>1000 people from around the globe working on the Debian operating
>system, each with roles ranging from package Development to
>Quality Assurance, Security, Policy, and Strategy.
>Strategy?  Does that mean the people who do nothing more than post to
>mailing lists telling other people what to do?  Who are our Debian
>strategists?;-) I would suggest removing that and maybe put something
>like "Operations", which covers the people who keep our infrastructure

Please keep "Strategy" in the text.
Debian thinks ahead on topics as software patents
and open documents e.g. joining OASIS
And it is a nice buzz word.


No more suggestions for improvement IMHO

Keep up the good work.


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