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RE: latest version of Debian LJ ad is ready

hey guys.. just a word from the artist
I'm really wanting to help.. but.. well. to be honest
feedback has been slow. there have been hints made and
i've implemented them. realize that we are getting close
to the deadline.. ie.. the 7th...  I only have part of
my day to give to you.. but i've been willing to help.
This has been my best guess so far as to what you want,
most people like it.. if you have an idea of what I need
to change.. or something different, by all means, let me
know... and i'll see what i can do.  

thanks for your time,

WIll LaShell

On 02-Jul-98 James A. Treacy wrote:
> The latest versions of the Debian ad for LJ can be found at
> http://lyrical.cland.net/~wlashell/debianad21.jpg
> and
> http://lyrical.cland.net/~wlashell/debianad23.jpg
> The second simply has a textured background.
> We are looking for constructive feedback.
> Some things people have mentioned:
>   It needs more graphics.
>      That's probably true. The problem is nobody has offered
>      any ideas.
>   That's for a 1/2 page ad? Then you can put more text in.
>      Ok. What other information would you like to see on the ad.
> To get an idea of how much space we have, look through a copy of LJ.
> When presenting ideas, it would be helpful if you can create an
> image. Even ascii art can be useful.
> If you would like to communicate with the designer of the ad directly,
> contact Will LaShell <wlashell@cland.net>.
> Jay Treacy

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-Mail: Will LaShell <wlashell@cland.net>   
 Date: 02-Jul-98     Time: 00:40:04

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