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Re: question with the Debian Project

On Fri, Jul 29, 2022 at 05:13:38PM +0800, 桑猛 wrote:
> Hello debian,I am a user of debian system and belong to the company Loongson Zhongke. We have our own loongarch architecture. Now we want to adapt our loongarch architecture based on debian12 or debian13.
> We would like to get the version of some packages on debian 12 and Debian 13 to help us choose which version to use as our next system version.
I don't think anyone can say what versions will trixie contain, apart from
a very small number of projects with fixed release schedules. On the other
hand, I don't think you would care about versions that are not released
yet and so you know nothing about them anyway.
As for bookworm, some people responsible may be able to give estimations
but the freeze is in 6 months so many versions are not known either. You
can check the current versions in testing using tracker.debian.org,
packages.debian.org, rmadison or apt.


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