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Re: Proposal - preserve freedom of choice of init systems

Hi Matthew,

>> Your rationale does not explain how the normal policy process has failed
>> to deliver the outcomes required by the project. I think the project
>> should
> Sorry about that; I rather thought that the TC failing to rule on the
> issue was failing to provide clarity on this important issue.

Quite the contrary. The TC was never actually asked to rule on this issue. 
It is standard that the TC rules on issues when the normal processes have 
broken down in some way. As described in detail in #727708, the TC chose not 
to rule on it because the normal policy process was not broken -- in fact 
the normal policy process had barely even started. The TC is not the 
project's normal policy process any more than a GR is the project's normal 
policy process. 

I would add that picking at a sore like this *will* end up breaking the 
normal policy process; we're dealing with self-fulfilling prophecies here.


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