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forums.debian.net disabled

forums.debian.net is a debian.net service run by a set of DDs for the
community.  It's not an official Debian service run or maintained by
the project or DSA (then it would be forums.debian.org).

Nevertheless it was hosted on debian.org hardware since sometime last
year because the original system it was on was an under-the-desk kind of
"server" that was falling apart and the forum admins wanted to continue to
provide this service.

DSA gave them access to tartini.debian.org, which was unused at the
time. Since then, this system has been dedicated to running
forums.debian.net; it was decided to not use tartini for any other
services due to security concerns.

This afternoon DSA received reports that forums.debian.net might have
been compromised: registered users had been email spammed from the
forums software.

forums.debian.net has therefore been disabled.

It is not known when or if or how forums.debian.net will return.

We currently have no reason to believe that tartini itself was

For DSA,

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