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Re: your mail

On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 05:00:21PM -0700, Matt Whan wrote:
> hi. i was looking at installing debian on one of my machines and i was wonderig
> that file to download. i n oticed there were the following:
>   • [alpha] [amd64] [arm] [hppa] [i386] [ia64] [mips] [mipsel] [powerpc] [sparc
>     ] [s390] [source] [multi-arch]
> and i have no idea which one is what. do all of them need to be installed and
> burned to disk? thanks
Hi Matt,
the appropriate list to post your question is the Debian-user list.
Please ask it there. As to your question: you do not need all of those.
Most folks would only need the i386 disk as 90% of folks use Debian on
Intel/AMD cpus. If not, ask on the debian-user list for more help.
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