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Editorial: The Tent

The Tent - Part 1

Jawad N Adra


It seems that both the pro-government and opposition forces have finally agreed on an issue: the seizure of public properties for a political end; firstly, the tents of “freedom, sovereignty and independence” in Martyrs’ Square, and secondly, the tents of Hizbullah and the opposition in Riad al-Solh Square.

The pro-government forces have justified setting up tents in Martyrs’ Square during the rallies against the Syrian regime (and often its people), and now the opposition is justifying the tents in Riad al-Solh, rallying against Fouad Sanioura’s government (and often the West).

One can arguably justify setting up tents and holding sit-ins and rallies as a basic right and a form of temporary civil obedience to achieve a political end; but how can one explain the annexation of public land and facilities to realize financial gains and how can this be legitimized and considered as a revered symbol?

Since tents are the issue, let us see what Lisan al-Arab defines the word “Khayma”, the Arabic word for tent. Read more

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