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Partnership Proposal

 We can make you more money!!

The Spreadshirt Team noticed that you have a shop with a lot of your own cool apparel. We feel that your shop has the potential to sell more, look more professional, and offer products that you are not currently selling. We would like to encourage you to switch to Spreadshirt.com to maximize the sales in your shop.

Why are we cooler?

* The absolute best design tool in the industry. Upload graphics,
type text anywhere on the apparel, change colors – total flexibility

*Tired of the Easter Bunny colors with your current partner? Now
you can print on DARK COLORS too!!!

* Utilize flock text- a raised felt-textured material that is great
for softer images

*Earn more money!!! Our shirts are better quality and $1 less (base
price) than the competition

* Customize your shop with your logos and colors at no charge – it’s
free to have your own identity!

* Finally, our software gives your customer the flexibility to
customize your products with their names and/or phrases. We even
offer a designer shop which extends this flexibility to include
graphics and more.

We really want to form a partnership with you. As an incentive to partner with us, we are willing to extend to you a promotional offer:

For each item sold in your shop for the first 90 days after its go-live we will pay you an additional $2.00 over and above the amount you earn on the item.

Click here to begin a fresh, more prosperous relationship:

_www.spreadshirt.com/index.php?affiliate=902 <http://www.spreadshirt.com/index.php?affiliate=902>_

Thank you for your time and feel free to call us or email us back,


Lindsay Ross

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