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Debian non-US packages


I have some questions according to the servers and mirrors, from which one 
can download the packages and the cd-images of the non-US category.

On http://www.debian.de/CD/http-ftp/
and http://www.debian.de/CD/jigdo-cd/

download servers are mentioned, which seem to be based in the United States, 

From most of these links one can download the woody-arch-1_NONUS images of 
the stable Debian distribution. Isn't this already an violation of valid US 

I am not a lawyer, I am just confused why there is an effort to distinguish 
between non-US and non-non-US packages, when you are still able to fetch 
non-US images from an US based server or mirror, in case, that my conclusions 
are correct.

By the way,
mentioned to be the master site of Debian cd-images in the cd-image faq on
is still outdated, while it does not contain the current stable release.

I am gratefull for any remark.


Harald Katzer

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