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I am an electronic hardware/software engineer and am currently running
Linux.  I started with Redhat and eventually switched to Slakware.  Although
I like both distributions, I prefer Slakware because it is easier to
understand.  However, I do not like the complete lack of support from

I am thinking of changint to either SuSe or Debian soon and wanted to get
your input.  The thing I have the biggest problem with currently is
networking, specifically connecting to DSL with my Linux box.  I am totally
frusterated.  If I purchase Debian would I get some help with this?
Earthlink acts like Linux users have some sort os disease and won't even
talk about it.

Also, if I purchase a CD distribution, I understand that I would need both
the source and the binary sets for a total of 6 cd's in order to have
everything. I just want to confirm this.


John Battle (N4OE)

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