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Unidentified subject!


I'm a student of International Trade in Barcelona, and now I'm studing the 
structure of organizations. For this reason I choose Linux, because I'm a user 
of Linux and I want to know more about it.

I would be very garteful if you could answer the next questions:

1-Which is the mission, vision, objectives and goals of your arganitzation?

2-Which is your streucture?

3-How you control the countries distribution centers?

4-Have you have sinme reward or incentive sistems?

5-Which is the benefit or profitn, and the motivations of your developers?

6-When and where was created your distribution?

7-Can you tell me your market share in linux world?

If you can't answer these questions or have more information, I greateful if 
you send me somethong relationated with your organization.

If I send this mail in a incorrect place, please tell me or send to the correct 
person. Thanks.

Yours faithfully, Dani

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