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Trying to get emulated right-click to work

I've just about got things how I want them on my PowerBook G4, but I'm
still stuck with the problem of there being no right mouse button. I'm
fine with using a keypress in place of it, but I'm having a devil of a
time actually getting it to work. I've tried both mouseemu and simply
using xmodmap to set the right-apple key (xev gives it keycode 134) to
Pointer_Button3, and neither work. The weird thing is, xev shows the
keypresses as mapped correctly to Pointer_Button3, but nothing
actually responds as if the right mouse button were pressed!

The xmodmap file I'm using clears it from being a modifier key for
Super_R, which reflects correctly in xmodmap -pm, so that shouldn't be
an issue. xmodmap -pke shows it as "keycode 134 - Pointer_Button3
NoSymbol Pointer_Button3" - not sure how to cut it down to one symbol,
or if that's needed.

Am I missing a step? Can anybody help me figure this out?

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