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Re: advice about /etc/securetty

Excerpts from Xavier Grave's message of Don Dez 16 14:37:36 +0100 2010:
> After a fresh power6 install :) I tried to login as root at the console
> prompt but hvsi0 was missing in /etc/securetty
> Do you think this can be counted as a bug against login package ? I
> don't really know the policy around this. And if so, what bug priority
> should I mention ? "normal" can be too excessive may be ?

I don't know exactly how the hvsi0 tty works. But if this equivalent
to a local console, serial console or the IBM hvcx console that are
already present I'd file this as a normal bug. 

If the maintainer does not agree with your reasoning he can always
downgrade the bug or tag it wontfix. But without evidence to the
contrary I guess he's just not aware of the issue.

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