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Name of kernel driver that manages fan (PowerBook5,8)

Hi All

What driver do i need to switch off my fan?

Sometimes my fan seems to hang, at a very high speed, IINM, that is,

in these cases gives me a value of something like

0 (3859 rpm)

I'd (wild .. :) guess the second value simply means the number of
rounds/min the fan is spinning ... No idea what the first number

The only chance - so far - to stop the fan in these instances, is a
reboot. I'd like to avoid the latter, by simply trying to 
switch off/on the driver that is responsible for the fan ...

So anyone knows the name of this driver? Is there one? Or is it solely
a firmware issue? Hints?

Kernel is a hand rolled 2.6.26-rc5-53c8ba9

A glance over 2.6.29 Kconfig's let me find hwmon, but that driver does
not seem to do anything with my hardware - tho I'm not sure ...

I ran sensors-detect which then said lm75 might be driver I
need to load ...

I loaded lm75, ran sensors, which gave me this:

"No sensors found!
 Make sure you loaded all the kernel drivers you need.
 Try sensors-detect to find out which these are."

Thanks in anticipation

Best Regards

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