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Re: Fw: Re: Re: Re: Re: 43p-150 booting Debian on chrp

On Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 10:20:29AM -0500, Steven O'Reilly wrote:
> Good morning,
> 	I have a few RS6000 systems up and running debian.  Here is how I have
> done it, mind you  right now it is a little messy.  
> 1) Download the custom ISO image.  You can find it off my personal site:
> http://www.walled.net/sparrow/sarge-power3-custom.iso .  I cannot recall
> where I got this ISO, but it will boot a P43-150.  It does not contain
> the required files for an install, but will get you to the install
> screen. 
> 2) Download a PPC iso of debian from one of the debian sites. 
> 3) Boot the custom image
> 4) As soon as you land on the first install screen swap the custom cd
> you downloaded and replace it with the standard cd. 
> 5) Install linux in your standard manner. 
> 6) Download the kernel source and create a custom kernel.  The one you
> will end up with will be very old. 
> 	Hope this helps.  I know it was a pain to get going, but once you have
> one system up you can create your own custom kernel and install CD for
> debian. 

I believe theproblem is not that one. They are able to boot the debian daily
builds, or ewven the etch beta2 installer.

The problem is with yaboot-installer which is broken, and for some obscure
reason, doing it by hand (dding the mkvmlinuz kernel to the prep partition is
not doing it.
Can you try using yaird instead of initramfs-tools to create the ramdisk.
kernel+ramdisk would then be smaller than 4MB, and this may be a size ilimit
maybe ?

Anyway, thanks for helping them out, i did already investigate some, but as i
am now caring for my sick mother, i have less time to handle this.

Alternatively, i accept a donation of a chrp rs6k box, so that in the future
debian will work well on them.


Sven Luther

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