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Re: [PATCH] sound for pb 5,8

I patched my 2.6.16-rc5 kernel, and I have sound! I don't have any
sliders for volume contol though, but software volume control works

Now I can ditch that USB sound dongle I've been carrying around. Thanks!


On Tue, 2006-03-14 at 11:50 +0100, Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> Hi
> I adopted the changes Ben Collins did in the Ubuntu kerenel 
> to the latest Powerpc git kernel (paulus's tree). This should make sound
> working on the Powerbook 5,8. The patch will should apply to any recent 
> 2.6.16-rc? kernel. 
> I attached the patch in case you are interested.
> As I'm not sure if this is ready for inclusion in the mainline kernel
> and as Ben originally wrote that code I'm not going to submit this
> anywhere. Ben just take the changes if you are interested.
> Gaudenz

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