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Re: adding plugins to web browsers

If you want to upgrade to Xorg, change your apt-get sources
(/etc/apt/sources.list) from sarge to unstable and run apt-get update &&
apt-get dist-upgrade.

Note this will upgrade all packages from the stable sarge release to the
newest versions which have not been as thoroughly tested. Make sure you
really want to do this first. It will upgrade a substantial proportion
of packages on your system.

On Mon, 2006-03-13 at 20:19 -0500, Terry Shannon wrote:
> My machine is a new-world ppc, iMac 233;  I installed X from the  
> sarge release which I believe is an xfree version vs xorg?  During my  
> googling I found some threads that indicated the the xorg release may  
> work better, but I need to research how to replace xfree with xorg.   
> Googling also pointed out setting the depth to 8 which is also  
> mentioned when you run dpkg-reconfigure.
> I tried rerunning dpkg-reconfigure and deselected all of the  
> resolutions with depth set to 24.  I still get the same problem.   
> When I put it back to 8, I get the results you indicated, the  
> resolution comes up in the highest resolution, but color is limited  
> of course.
> I found the players, and did some research on downloading packages  
> from branches other than stable.  I think I have this figured out.   
> I'm now researching how to get the browser jvm defined to support  
> applets.  I'll post java questions as I need to keep this thread on  
> topic.
> Thanks,
> Terry
> On Mar 12, 2006, at 4:45 PM, Tamas K Papp wrote:
> > On Sun, Mar 12, 2006 at 12:32:42PM -0500, Terry Shannon wrote:
> >> Do the standard plugins exist for the mozilla and other browsers that
> >> are installed with Debian?
> >>
> >> When I look for plugins on the mozilla site (or netscape) they only
> >> seem to support the 386 architecture.  How do I get plugins to update
> >> the installed browsers?  I've tried to search using aptitude, but I'm
> >> not sure if these packages will be in the stable directories or other
> >> directories.
> >
> > Many binary only plugins are not available for linux/ppc.  The mplayer
> > plugin plays many formats (package mozilla-mplayer), and there are
> > flash plugins (libflash-mozplugin, swf-player).  Opening many tabs
> > with flash will be really slow, though.
> >
> >> My installation of debian went very smoothly.  I booted off an iso
> >> image I downloaded and burned and did the rest of the internet.  Took
> >> me a long time to get my resolution to do something other than
> >> 640X480.  I had to set default depth to 8 instead of 24.  Are there
> >> any other solutions to this?
> >
> > On my machine, enabling no resolutions at all in the configuration
> > (using dpkg-reconfigure) selects the maximum resolution available.
> > Try this with 24bpp.  Note: when asking for help, please provide more
> > detailed information (in this case, at least the machine type and the
> > X version).
> >
> > Best,
> >
> > Tamas
> >
> >
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