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Re: Re: Linux on new iMac G5 PowerMac12,1 -- OK, Windfarm???

On Tue, 2006-03-07 at 23:48 +0000, Timothy Lyons wrote:
> How is the rest of the support for the iMac iSight (PowerPC) including 
> the thermal control and graphic card (X support) going.
> I bought myself a new iMac for a Christmas present, because the old 
> beige G3 was really getting a bit old, so have managed to jump in one 
> fell swoop from a Mac that is really to old to conveniently run Linux 
> to one that is too new! Shame!

Well... it's not there yet. however

 - Thermal control shouldn't be very hard to do. I just didn't have time
yet and no hardware to test on. It should be fairly similar to the one
for the previous models.

 - Graphics... well, I would have expected that to work "out of the box"
but it appears that it doesn't. I don't know what's up there yet and I
haven't had time to investigate (it's very difficult remotely). The best
would be as I said earlier if somebody that lives not too far from here
(Canberra) could lend me one of these machines for a couple of days so I
can do some proper investigations and fix it. Once that's done, since
it's an r300 type chip, I would expect it to work fine including DRI &
3D with the latest snapshots of the experimental r300 DRI.


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