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Re: Norton Ghost like utility?

On Wed, Mar 01, 2006 at 11:01:35PM +0200, Sammy wrote:
> I need to find (or create) a bootable CD for my PowerBook that can have 
> software on it to simply create a full snapshot/image of my harddrive and 
> put it somewhere on the network/CDs/DVD or any other media. Does this exist? 

You need a live cd which include partimage. partimage can backup a partition
either on another partition (firewire disk or usb disk maybe), or through the
network to a partimage server. It further stores only used space, not
emptyness, and allows to compress it with either bzip2 or gzip, and does
CRC checking of the resulting image on restore.

You could build a static version of the client, and download it to some random
livecd or other image, or even the ramdisk of a debian-installer image.

Xavier Oswald is working to add this functionality to the debian installer,
but it will not be ready for a couple of month yet.


Sven Luther
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