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Ibook G4 ide/sound problems

Hi all

I'm running 2.6.14 on my ibook for several weeks now, and I just find
some problem when playing sound with all player I tested (totem-xine,
rhythmbox, xmms, beep-media-player). When playing a mp3/ogg file the
player freeze/crash randomly. There is no error message
neither /var/log/syslog and dmesg. I'm wondering if it could be an
hardware problem and how to know that.

I'm now running 2.6.12 on same hardware, it does not seems to make
problem when playing sound files, but when writing the boot partition
the whole system holds for 1 or 2 seconds. I never see that before,
that's I'm wondering if hardware could be damaged.

Any idea ?

Thx for all.

Lionel Landwerlin / Dj-Death djdeath@gmx.fr

"Lourd c'est bien
Lourd c'est plus fiable
S'il marche pas, on peut toujours assommer avec !"
Boris le Hachoir

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